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November Dairy



November Diary


Tuesday 28 November

7:45pm PCC Meeting

Wednesday 29 November

10am Eucharist


December Diary

Saturday 2 December

10am-12 noon Messy Church


Sunday 3 December - Advent Sunday

8:30am Eucharist

10am Sung Eucharist

3pm Ecumenical Advent Service at URC

6pm Choral Evensong


Monday 4 December

7pm Carol Singing at Kingsfold Christmas Market


Wednesday 6 December

10am Eucharist


Sunday 10 December  2nd Sunday of Advent

8:30am Eucharist

10am Sung Eucharist








People to Remember

We pray for comfort and peace for all those who are sick or suffering at home or in hospital :

Norah Cairns, Ivy Carole, Paul, Stuart Cross, Christopher Woods, Margaret, Tom Eaglen, Diane Clover, Lee, Kath, Christopher Halsey, John Mason, and Jennifer Rigby


We remember those who have died in the past few weeks :

Norman Town, and Margaret Bowker


and for all the departed, for their families,

 and for their loved ones






Wednesday 13 December

10am Eucharist

10:45am Communion at Penwortham Hall Gardens

1:30pm KS2 Production in Church

6pm KS2 Production in Church


Sunday 17 December  3rd Sunday of Advent

8:30am Eucharist

10am Sung Eucharist

6pm Carol Service


Wednesday 20 December

10am Eucharist

10:45am Communion at Tuson House


Saturday 23 December

4pm "2 Sleeps 2 Go"

 9:15am Sung Eucharist


Sunday 24 December  4th Sunday of Advent

8:30am Said Eucharist

9.15am Sung Eucharist

6pm Christingle

11:30pm Sung Eucharist


Monday 25 December Christmas Day

9:15am Sung Eucharist


Wednesday 27 December

10am Eucharist


Sunday 31 December   1st Sunday of Christmas

9:15am Sung Eucharist





Baptisms –

We welcome those who have been baptised at St Leonard's in recent weeks :

Neveah Parkinson, Kia Parkinson,
and Scarlett Wilkinson



 Please pray for
Lauren as she prepares for confirmation
 & also for the candidates from
 St. Michael’s.


Defend, O Lord, your servants with your heavenly grace,

That they may continue yours for ever,

And daily increase in your Holy Spirit more and more,

Until they come to your everlasting kingdom. Amen





In  Memory:


Kenneth Peter John King


God of hope,

Grant that we, with all who have believed in you,

May be united in the full knowledge of your love

And the unclouded vision of your glory Amen.

Remember, O Lord, this your servant,

Who has gone before us with the sign of faith,

And now rests in the sleep of peace.

According to your promises,

Grant to him and to all who rest in Christ,

Refreshment, light and peace,

Through the same Christ our Lord Amen






Changes to website

The details and information  relating to Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings and Funerals
HAVE NOW changing to the web page heading  "Services" 

All items relating to spiritual guidance and help HAVE also move to this page.

Item relating to Groups  ie Choir, Mothers Union etc  will  NOW move from the Whats on page to the Groups Page.




Confirmation - It's not just for children!

Confirmation is a very important step in our lives.
 It's when we really take on for ourselves the promises that were made for us at our Baptism.
It literally 'confirms' us publicly in our belief in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
 We will soon be starting the next set of Confirmation Classes for children,
 but if there are any adults who would be interested in exploring confirmation,
then please speak to Fr. Nick or me about it.

We will happily arrange for some sessions to explore this next step in your faith journey with you.

Rev'd. Sharon





Views from the Vicarage


It’s that time of year when we begin to look toward the celebration of the birth of Jesus.


Our preparation is different to most of our society though, rather than “decking the halls” at the first opportunity we more than hang fire, instead we tone things down – no Gloria, no flowers, a quieter more sombre time. This is partly so that when we come to the celebration it is all the more special, and partly so that we can focus on preparing ourselves to receive anew the gift of God’s love.


We are different people to whom we were this time last year – another year older, maybe another year wiser, certainly another year of experiences, good and not so good.


So, the impact of our remembering and celebrating God coming into our world should be different too. In order to recognize that new impact we have to be prepared, to actively look for it - otherwise it’s in danger of getting drowned in tinsel, wrapping paper and Prosecco.


So you are invited to pray this question in expectation : Where will Christ be born in you this year?











Weekly Diary of Church Groups using the church and halls

Tuesdays : 2:30pm Mothers' Union (2nd Sunday of the month)

6pm-7:30pm Rainbows & Brownies (large hall - term time)

Wednesdays : 10am-10:45am Eucharist (church)

1:15pm-2:45pm Toddler Group (large hall - term time).  Contact is Lucy Bunce (01772 749007 -

Thursdays : Choir

Junior Choir 5:45pm-6:45pm, Adult Choir 6:15pm-8pm

Contact is David Cookson (Director of Music, 07721 677831 &

Fridays : St Leonard's Gilbert & Sullivan Group: 7:30pm-9:30pm.

Contacts are : David Hughes (Secretary, 01772 728817 &; & Margot Wright (Musical Director, 01772 744225 &

Saturdays : 10am-12-noon Messy Church (1st Saturday of the month, church + both halls)




Weekly Diary of non-Church Groups who hire the halls

Monday-Friday 9:15am-12:15pm Middleforth Playgroup (both halls - term time)

Monday-Friday 3:30pm-6pm Kidzco (both halls)

Mondays 6:15pm-9:30pm Yoga (large hall)

Thursdays 1:15pm-2:45pm Mini Movers Dance (small hall)

Thursdays 5pm-7:30pm NHS Quit Squad (small hall)

Thursdays 6:45pm-9:30pm The Daolin Centre, for Tai Chi and Kung Fu (large hall)




Where in St Leonard's Church ...? (One of a series of 'Treasure-Hunt'-style questions)


Last month, we asked "Where in St Leonard's Church would you find a reference to Nellie Weatherby?  And what might have been her favourite hymn?"

She's mentioned on the left-hand side of the altar rail, as you look at the altar.  Her favourite hymn was very possibly "Peace, perfect peace"

This month's question : Where in St Leonard's Church would you find a mention of Arthur Spencer?  And where did he live?

Answer next month.




Notes from the PCC Meeting held on 24 October 2017


The meeting began with prayers and apologies for absence. The minutes from the meeting held on 26 September were approved. Another person is still needed from PCC for the Standing Committee -  Susan Range volunteered to do it if there were no other volunteers.


Finance - the payment of the Parish Share is on track to be paid by the end of the year with £41,500 of £48,483 having been paid.


Fabric  - very little to report - the cracked window is being monitored. Two strip lights have been replaced.


Social and fundraising -  the Harvest Supper and Race Night had been very enjoyable and raised £720.  The G&S concert is on 29 October.  The Patronal Lunch on 5 November, with Canon Andy Pratt (the Diocesan Interfaith Adviser) as the speaker.  The Christmas Tree Festival in hand.


The Christmas Fair - after much discussion it was decided to cancel it this year, as there is too much going on at the same time, with insufficient people to organise everything. It was decided to include some good quality stalls at the Christmas Tree Festival.


Vision 2026 - The Vicar will follow up the proposal to consult with Middleforth and Hutton school councils. The Vicar had discussed the possibility of us joining in with the June 2018  Kingsfold Methodists' Community Day. They were happy to discuss this further.


Charities for 2017 -  six were randomly selected from those submitted. Each will receive £250. They were Rainbow House, The Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Amnesty International, The Rosemere Cancer Foundation, The Friends of Mulanje Orphans, and The Alzheimer's Society. It was also agreed that PCC would discuss the selection process for 2018.


Safeguarding - The Safeguarding Training is on Saturday 25 November.


Ecumenical - Churches Together in Penwortham have had their AGM. The dates for joint services are -

Advent Service on 3 December at URC at 3pm

Christian Unity Service on 21 January at St Mary's at 3pm.


The Foodbank was grateful for the Harvest donations and has some new volunteer helpers. The Kings Church are holding a Job Club at the Community Centre every Thursday morning with a hot lunch provided.


Schools update - Bishop Philip is going to Hutton to dedicate the new Chapel.  Middleforth have appointed a new deputy head (David Swindells), who will start in January 2018.


Communications - The 'Welcome to St Leonard's' leaflet had been circulated to PCC. It was felt to be a good idea, and will be included in baptism packs, and will also be available in church.


Deanery Synod - The Deanery Synod had met on 10 October. Dorothy Gardner gave a summary of meeting. The Archdeacon spoke about the wellbeing of the clergy.


Diocesan Synod -The Diocesan Synod had met on 14 October. Part of the meeting was spent discussing the Diocesan budget.  It proposes a 2% increase in the Parish Share. Once again the Archdeacon spoke about the wellbeing of the clergy.


The Stewardship Campaign - a meeting had been held on 17 October, with the next meeting on 7 November.


Any Other Business - The Christmas Shoeboxes would be received in church on 10 December. Confirmation will be on 6 May 2018 at St Michael's, Much Hoole.

The meeting finished with grace.

Susan Range





St. Leonard’s Gilbert and Sullivan Group

 are looking for new recruits for their next production in May 2018



Churches Together in Penwortham

Some of our Friday morning volunteers have had to stop helping at our much-needed Food Bank.
  We thank them for the help they have given us.

Usually, volunteers help at the Food Bank on a rota basis, once every five weeks (9:30am to 12-noon).
  If you think you could help us out like that, then please have a word with me, Sharon, on 01772 641521, by emailing

If you prefer, you may come and see what happens at the Food Bank before you commit yourself. 
 At present, we support between 15 and 20 families each week.






Baptisms & Cradle Roll

Following discussions at the last P.C.C. meeting it was agreed that a small group would review the information given to families bringing their children to be baptised. We also needed to consider how long we send out a card to remind the families of their child’s baptism. We have looked at the information currently given out and are in the process of changing the booklets and the baptism form we use. We are planning to give the families a prepared pack including information leaflets from the Church of England Baptism Project. We will also ask if we may use e-mail addresses to enable us to send invitations and information out about St. Leonard’s services and events.

It was agreed that cradle roll cards would still be sent out for the first two years and then we would send an e-mail greeting until the child was 5 years old. At the P.C.C. meeting Susan Range offered to temporarily take on the role of sending out Cradle Roll cards, but we do need someone to take this on for the longer term remembering that the system will be changing to using e-mails as well as cards. And that we will be using the e-mail addresses to send out other information to those who give their permission.

Could you be that person? Please consider this important ministry that helps us to keep in contact with young families. If you would like to help or need more information please speak to either Fr. Nick or me.

Every blessing,

Rev’d. Sharon





Come Pray with Us

Evening Prayer is said in church on Monday evenings at 7pm, with the exception of bank holidays
 and it takes just half an hour. If for any reason it has to be cancelled we will announce it through the Weekly News Sheet.
 It’s an opportunity for us to pray for our parish and particularly we would like to focus on our
diocesan and parish mission. It’s so easy to lose our focus on the vision for God’s work in and through
 our church and diocese; it’s also good to have that space for prayer and reflection. So come  and pray with us.



Children’s Corner in Church

Children and young families are an important part of our church, and we do have a number of families
 with young children who attend on Sunday mornings
 but they are somewhat distanced from what is happening in the service.
Following some recent comments Fr. Nick & I thought that it might be worth moving the children’s area closer
to the front of church for a trial period.
Families are still able to come and go easily in the service, but would mean that it is easier
for both the children and adults to engage more easily with what’s going on. Let us know if you think it works.

Rev’d. Sharon



MONEY…don’t stop reading just because I said the “M” word.

I know it’s never an easy or popular subject to broach, but it’s something we have to face.

Last year we didn’t make ends meet, partly because of maintenance, but that’s always ongoing.
 and already this year we’ve had to replace a boiler.

As we all know things don’t get any cheaper and there has been an increase in our Parish Share. This is the money we’re asked to pay to the Diocese, the majority of which goes to paying clergy, covering housing costs, training etc. The Diocese has cut it’s costs as far as is possible.
 As a Church we have been unable to identify any additional savings we could make.

Simply put we are predicted to have shortfall again this year. We have very limited reserves which will soon be exhausted if we don’t
address the situation.

I appreciate that many are on fixed incomes, and that you give very generously in so many ways alongside financially.

However, it has been worked out that if everyone who gives by envelope or Standing order were increase their giving by only £1 per week this would more than cover the increase in the Parish Share.

Please, please this Lent think and pray about what God’s ministry through this Church is worth, and consider what you can give to support it.



Vision 2026 : As we begin a new calendar year, keep focused on:

Making Disciples    Growing Leaders    Being Witnesses


The Vision for the Diocese in 2026 is gradually taking shape.
 It is important to remember that this is not a top down affair, where we’re being told what to do,
 but an encouragement to every Parish to engage. Alongside that resources are being produced to help.

Please don’t think that this for someone else to go to, not you.
The more representation we can get, the more people who understand what’s going on the better
equipped we’ll be as a Church community to respond to the opportunities and grow.



Baptism anniversary cards.

We are very grateful to Jenny and Sheila who have looked after this important ministry,

sending cards to those baptised on the anniversary of their Baptism.

A reminder that we are continuing to remember and pray for them.

They would like to stand down, would you be willing to help? Please see Nick or Sharon



St Leonard’s magazine surscriptions for 2017

are now due and remain at £5 for 11 issues,

Can distributors please collect this by the end

of January and give it to Lucy.

Thank You


Penwortham Churches Together Food Bank

 Penwortham Community Centre. Opening hours
 – Friday 9.30am - 12noon. You can now follow us on Twitter @ Penwortham food. Some tinned goods we would be particularly grateful for at the moment: carrots, peas, potatoes, fruit,
rice pudding and custard. As always, thank you for your support.

Have you any views on our services? We are always interested.

If you are hard of hearing, can you hear? Is the print on our service sheets large enough for you?
If not please speak to the Vicar or Churchwardens.


The June issue of St. Leonard’s Magazine "Inspire" is now on sale price 50p.
It really is a good read and excellent value.


Church Groups

Messy Church 1st Saturday morning of month Rev. Sharon Baines (01772 641521)

Toddler Group Wednesdays 1.15pm-2.45pm (Term time) Mrs Lucy Bunce (01772 749007)

Mothers’ Union 1st Tuesday 2.30pm, Mrs Sheila Gillibrand (01772 744525)

Church Choir Choir Practice –Thursdays 6.30pm to 7.45pm Mr David Cookson (07721 677831)

Gilbert and Sullivan Group Fridays 7.30pm to 9.30pm Mr David Hughes (01772 728817)

Penwortham Youth Music Festival 16 – 21 March 2015 Mr Philip Walsh (01772 745409)

Prayer Group 2nd Wednesday at 11.30am at the Vicarage Vicar

Bible Study Group As announced.


Other Hall Users

Middleforth Playgroup is a charitable, committee led group, registered with Ofsted,
which has been in existence for over 30 years.

 Our last inspection was in June 2014 when we received a rating of Good.

Our aim is to provide a warm, friendly and stimulating environment in which each child can learn through play
 and know their opinion and beliefs are important.

The group is staffed by four qualified and extremely experienced ladies, all of whom have families
 of their own and whose children attended the

We hire St. Leonard’s Church hall, which is a large room, offering the children freedom to move from one activity
 to another when they choose.

We also have a large secure outdoor area with raised beds for the children to dig and plant in.
We welcome visitors at any time, please just ring the doorbell at the main Church entrance and someone will welcome you in.

Contact email

Phone 07980 954996

Session hours 9.15-12.15 term time only.


Yoga with Linda Mondays (6.15pm – 9.30pm) Mrs Linda Johnrose (07963111239)

Cats Protection Jumble Sales Usually 2nd Saturday 10.00am Mrs Phyl Pearson (01772 612202)

Qigong, Tai Chi & Kung Fu Thursdays (6.45pm – 8.45pm) Mr Phil Robinson (01772 745508)

Uniformed Organisations

In the Church hall

Rainbows Tuesdays – 6.15pm – 7.15pm Miss Rachael Newton (07514425387)

Brownies Tuesdays – 6.15pm – 7.30pm Mrs Amanda Grant (01772 517652)

At the Scout Hut,

Middleforth School Group Scout Leader Mrs Lindsey Wilson (07840959545)

Beavers Tuesdays 6.00pm-7.15pm Mrs Liz Royle (01772 745038)

Cubs (Hurricanes) Wednesdays 6.00pm-7.45pm Mr Sam Rennie (07756251717)

Cubs (Spitfires) Mondays 6.15pm-8.00pm Mr James Wilson (07517 912242)

Scouts Thursdays 7.00pm–9.00pm Mr Les Clegg (01772 746018)

Explorer Scouts Fridays 7.30pm-9.30pm Mr Dave Rennie (01772 742495)

If you are interested in any of the groups above, why not give the leader a call.



Church Directory


Church Wardens:

Peter Milner -

Brian Bamber - 07884 360237

Pastoral Assistants:

Jenny Stanton – 01772 748701

Gina Rigby – 01772 879791

Director of Music:

David Cookson – 07721 677831 or

Mothers' Union:

Sheila Gillibrand – 01772 744525

Toddler Group :

Lucy Bunce  01772 749007

Uniformed Organisations :

Beavers, Cubs & Scouts – Lindsey Wilson

Rainbows, Brownies & Guides - Amanda Grant

Church Hall Bookings

Philip Walsh  01772 745409


Twitter   @stlenpen


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Our St Leonard's News Editor is

David Cookson :


Please send David whatever you would like to be included in the November edition of the 'St Leonard's News',
 by 15 October 2017.  You may send it by email, of course, but you may also give it to them in person, either typed or in longhand.





St Leonards Magazine

Our St Leonard's News Editors are

Diane Raynor :


David Cookson :

Please send Diane and David whatever you would like to be included in the March edition of the 'St Leonard's News',
by 15 February 2017.  You can send it by email, of course, but you can also give it to them in person, either typed or in longhand.




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